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Antelope Canyon / One of Arizona’s Most Awe-Inspiring Sights

The product of millions of years of water erosion, few geological formations are as picturesque and awe-inspiring as Antelope Canyon. Approximately 4 hours from Phoenix, just East of Page, Arizona lies this magnificent slot canyon.

The Navajo name for Upper Antelope Canyon is “Tse’ bighanilini,” which translates to “the place where the water runs through the rocks”. For Lower Antelope Canyon, they call this place Hazdistazí – which means “Spiral Rock Arches.”
Historically this was once the home for massive herds of pronghorn antelope, and now the canyon lies within the LeChee Chapter of the Navajo Nation. This beautiful canyon draws in nature lovers from all around the world for its remarkable beauty and mysterious splendor. The walls of the canyon climb 120ft above the stream bed, making it an amphitheater of red-hued swirling sandstone.

Located outside of the stunning Lake Powell, this “slot” canyon is regarded as sacred by the Navajo. This breath-taking canyon will leave you in awe because of its amazing sandstone wall formations. If you want to make some memories that will last a lifetime, look no further. Antelope Canyon is an experience you and your family will never forget. If you think the pictures are nice, experiencing it in person to capture the raw beauty is truly a surreal experience.

What To Do:

Exploring this natural wonder is encouraged, but guided tours are required. There are several authorized tour operators to choose from who will not only bring you to the canyon, but also give you a breadth of information about the history, geology, and culture of the Antelope Canyon area. Photographers will enjoy snapping photos, but the famous light beams are not always visible. Beams occur most often during the summer, with the best views between late March and early October.

NOTE: Due to COVID the canyon is operating at 50% capacity. Reservations are required. We recommend Antelope Canyon Tours…request Oscar as your guide, he was spectacular!

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