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Charcuterie Boards are Having a Moment

And, it’s a moment we love! Charcuterie boards have become the uber-popular way to entertain family and friends and the creative designs we are seeing with food are simply inspiring. With a lifestyle focus on healthier and lighter eating these days, charcuterie is the perfect instant trend that makes it easy and fun. Popular items on a charcuterie board include fresh fruits and vegetables (oftentimes shaped like flowers), specialty meats and cheeses, small-batch dips and sauces, and artisanal desserts.

Note: Charcuterie boards first became popular in France in the 15th Century. No wonder they are so chic!

If you are not up to the task of making your own, the Valley boasts several great restaurants offering charcuterie’s as well as we have some amazing local companies that you can pre-order and have spectacular charcuterie’s delivered right to your home or business. See below for a few of our local favorites:


Visit their instagram to see all of their yummy creations.










Visit their instagram to see all of their yummy creations.

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